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Developing Tools to Identify Traumatic Brain Injury

BrainScope Company, Inc. is a privately held medical neurotechnology company focused initially on Traumatic Brain Injury. The company is developing a new generation of portable, simple-to-use, non-invasive instruments to aid medical professionals in rapidly and objectively providing clinically meaningful information to aid in the assessment of brain function at the initial point of care. The portability and availability of these tools in development could allow patients suffering from brain dysfunctions to be promptly identified, which could help guide clinicians to appropriate steps after the injury has occurred.

BrainScope’s initial target market for its Traumatic Brain Injury product is the United States Military Health System. BrainScope’s unique device is being developed to meet a long-standing clinical need for improved early identification, staging, and potential optimization of treatment in head injury of soldiers.


2012 Verl Zanders Emerging Business of the Year Award Winner - BrainScope company profile.

2012 Verl Zanders Emerging Business of the Year Award Winner - Acceptance speech by BrainScope CEO Michael Singer.

BrainScope awarded the first $250,000 investment from the State of Maryland's InvestMaryland program.

Voice of America spotlight video describing traumatic brain injury and BrainScope's product development efforts.



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