Rockville, Maryland Urgent Care Uses Revolutionary Brain Injury Assessment Device Backed By The NFL To Reduce CT Scan Recommendations

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Physicians Now begins using NFL and Department of Defense backed device, BrainScope One®, to help identify and detect the first signs of concussion and other brain injuries for patients in Rockville, Maryland.

ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND - Identifying and detecting brain injuries early is paramount for patients as brain damage associated with concussion, stroke, tumors and other illnesses can dramatically compromise a patient's quality of life.

To effectively treat adult patients with a suspected brain injury one urgent care in Rockville, Maryland, Physicians Now, added a groundbreaking medical technology called BrainScope One to their arsenal of diagnostic tools. BrainScope One provides their providers and staff with greater assurance to objectively diagnosis the full spectrum of brain injuries, including concussions.

The BrainScope One is an FDA-cleared head injury assessment device, backed by the Department of Defense and NFL. The EEG-based devices features two parts: a disposable electrode headset, and a military-grade smartphone with advanced software that features signal processing, sophisticated algorithms and machine learning. The device works by measuring brain electrical activity and evaluates a patient’s neurocognitive function. The head-set is non-invasive and can be used on adults ages 18-85 years old.

BrainScope One provides clear answers to the most common questions surrounding suspected brain injuries: does the patient have traumatic structural brain injury that would be visible on a CT scan and is there evidence of a concussion?

"Head  injuries  and  concussions  cause  disability  in  the  U.S. almost everyday, and  affect  nearly 8  million  Americans  each  year. BrainScope One gives us the ability to detect brain injuries early, which is an essential step in the diagnosis and treatment of them,"? explains founder and Medical Director Dr. Chinedum Olisemeka. "It also gives us insight into whether sending patients to an emergency room for a CT scan is necessary. Confirming the need for a CT scan saves patients time and money."?

Physicians Now introduced the device to patients on June 1, 2018 to ensure their walk-in clinic could effectively provide rapid and objective assessment of suspected head-injured patients. The device can detect a brain injury for up to three days following the injury.

Physicians Now is located at 15215 Shady Grove Road, Suite 100, Rockville, MD 20850 and was founded by Dr. Olisemeka, an emergency medicine provider. The walk-in urgent care clinic opened in 2009 to address the problem of overcrowded emergency rooms and limited access to high quality and affordable medical care to patients in the community.

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