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The BrainScope One system provides objective data that helps clinicians answer two key questions in mildly presenting head-injured patients:

1. Is it likely that there is a structural brain injury that would be visible on a CT scan?

2. Is there evidence of functional brain impairment that could indicate a concussion?

The video below highlights a decade worth of research and development of the BrainScope One device. This includes 24 investigator-initiated publications describing clinical usability, the standard of care comparisons, and the validation of the BrainScope One algorithms.

Grand Round Videos Presented By Leslie Prichep, Ph.D Chief Scientific Officer, BrainScope Company Inc. Adjunct Professor, Department of Psychiatry New York University School of Medicine

The following four videos are intended to educate healthcare professionals on the fundamental scientific and clinical basis of the BrainScope One device. They are not intended to be a substitute for device labeling. Please consult with BrainScope for detailed device labeling such as Indications for Use and Instruction / Directions for Use.

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