Concussion Education featuring Dr. Louis Kovacs | 2019 Under Armour All America Lacrosse Classic

Athletes are critical to identifying head injury and concussion!

Watch Dr. Louis Kovacs, team physician for Towson University football, speak on the importance of education of sports concussion to this group of elite High School lacrosse players at 2019 Under Armour All America Lacrosse Classic Senior Breakfast!

About Dr. Louis Kovacs: Louis Kovacs, MD, is a primary care physician..

BrainScope Demo with WesTex Urgent Care on Good Morning Basin

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Live Local News Health Segment featuring Dr. Beck answering a series of questions on BrainScope One while performing a demo on the reporter.

Point of Care Concussion Assessment on Your College Campus with BrainScope

As your student heads back to college, peace of mind should be at top of mind.

BrainScope is an accurate, cost-effective, radiation-free medical device, cleared by the FDA, that offers a full assessment of your head injury. BrainScope can assist your physician in making an objective decision on whether to send you to the ER, start treatment for a concussion, or send you home with a clean bill of..

Assessment of the Full Spectrum of Brain Injury in the Emergency Department with BrainScope

Traumatic brain injuries including concussion are among the most common and challenging diagnoses for a physician to make in an Emergency Department, especially in patients presenting with mild head injuries. BrainScope gives Emergency physicians and staff greater assurance to rapidly and objectively assess the full spectrum of brain injury, including the likelihood of a structural component to..

Point of Care Concussion Assessment In Your Urgent Care with BrainScope

When patients hurt their heads, where do they go? Your urgent care can be an option. The revolutionary, EEG-based, BrainScope One head injury assessment device allows for assessment at the point of care. It provides economic value to your practice while delivering comprehensive, objective assessment results that help guide providers in the early intervention of both structural and functional..

The Economic Impact of BrainScope Head Injury Assessment System

The BrainScope system, utilizing Electroencephalogram (EEG) technology cleared by the FDA, is the first objective, adjunctive device capable of assessing the full spectrum of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). Its ability to rapidly identify the likelihood of both structural brain injury and functional brain abnormalities outside of the emergency room offers an opportunity for dramatic..

BrainScope Grand Rounds Series- Publication Navigator

The BrainScope One system provides objective data that helps clinicians answer two key questions in mildly presenting head-injured patients:

1. Is it likely that there is a structural brain injury that would be visible on a CT scan?

2. Is there evidence of functional brain impairment that could indicate a concussion?

The video below highlights a decade worth of research and development of the..

BrainScope Grand Rounds Series- Validation Trial

The video below focuses on BrainScope One’s successful FDA validation trial providing an overview of algorithm development, trial design and a summary of the validation trial results.

Grand Round Videos Presented By Leslie Prichep, Ph.D Chief Scientific Officer, BrainScope Company Inc. Adjunct Professor, Department of Psychiatry New York..

BrainScope Grand Rounds Series- Brain Function Index

The video below explains one of two of BrainScope One’s EEG-based brain injury assessment capabilities, the Brain Function Index. The BFI compares the patient’s brain electrical activity to that of a comparable non-injured population to objectively determine the likelihood, and severity, of brain function impairment.

Grand Round Videos Presented By..

BrainScope Grand Rounds Series- Structural Injury Classifier

The video below explains one of two of BrainScope One’s EEG-based brain injury assessment capabilities, the Structural Injury Classifier. The SIC provides clinicians with objective results that indicate the likelihood of a structural brain injury being present or visible on a CT Scan.

Grand Round Videos Presented By Leslie Prichep, Ph.D Chief..

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