Virtual Patent Marking

This document fulfills the US patent marking requirement as defined under 35 U.S.C. §287. The products listed below are manufactured directly or indirectly by BrainScope Company, Inc. The US patent or patents that provide patent protection of these products are listed in association with the product name. Additional US and Non-US patents may be pending.

BrainScope One

U.S. 8,948,860
U.S. 8,989,836
U.S. 9,089,310
U.S. 9,198,587
U.S. 9,269,046
U.S. 9,282,930
U.S. 9,477,813

U.S. 7,720,530
U.S. 8,364,254
U.S. 8,364,255
U.S. 8,391,948
U.S. 8,577,451
U.S. 8,792,974
U.S. 8,838,227