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Join the BrainScope team and help us transform patient care in brain injury and disease. We can make a difference for clinicians and their head injured patients:

  • provide objective insights about the likelihood of brain bleeds & concussions
  • reduce unnecessary head CTs
  • improve patient experience and satisfaction

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BrainScope is the first and only FDA-cleared, objective, rapid, and radiation-free assessment of brain bleed and concussion.

The handheld decision-support tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology to identify objective biomarkers of structural and functional brain injury in patients with suspected mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). Using EEG signals to power its algorithms, BrainScope enables clinicians to objectively rule out a brain bleed and determine concussion status quickly and accurately.

With over 12 years of research, 8 FDA clearances, and 32-peer-reviewed publications, BrainScope is well-validated technology with demonstrated clinical efficacy.