BrainScope Completes Agreement with 18,000 Member Yankee Alliance
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BrainScope Completes Agreement with 18,000 Member Yankee Alliance


BETHESDA, MD – OCTOBER 19, 2021 – BrainScope today announced a new system-wide agreement with Yankee Alliance to make BrainScope’s innovative point-of-care neuro-technology system available to the 18,000 members, including over 5000 outpatient facilities and senior centers, in Yankee Alliance. BrainScope is the only FDA cleared medical device that aids in the objective triage of head injured patients for suspected mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBIs), including brain bleed and concussion. When used by Emergency Departments (ED) in triage, BrainScope has demonstrated the potential to reduce the use of head CAT Scans by more than 30% while also improving the objective detection of concussion. With BrainScope, many patients can be spared unnecessary radiation from head CT while also benefiting from significantly faster wait times. Hospital EDs could see benefits from reduced patient length of stays, improved clinical workflows, and overall productivity improvements.

“Our agreement with Yankee Alliance strengthens our ability to deploy our game changing mTBI detection technology to emergency departments across the country,” said Susan Hertzberg Chief Executive Officer at BrainScope. “In the ED, where millions of head injured patients first seek care each year, BrainScope is the only system that aids in the full spectrum assessment of mild traumatic brain injuries including brain bleeds and concussion. The assessment uses EEG derived algorithms so there is no blood draw or processing in a lab—it is truly point-of-care and takes just minutes from patient prep to results. For newly concussed patients, it provides clinicians with actionable, objective insights that can inform patient treatment and management.”  

The company's disposable headset connects to its handheld device which acquires, processes, and analyzes thousands of brain activity-based physiological parameters, transforming them into structural and functional indices by using artificial intelligence derived algorithms. The results are immediately available on the device.

“Yankee Alliance continues to look for new partners, to bring value to our membership,” said Amy Campbell, Chief Administrative Officer at Yankee Alliance. “As we continue to deal with the challenges COVID-19 and its variants have imposed on our members, it is all the more important for Yankee Alliance to help them lower cost of care, improve efficiencies in operations, and address the changing healthcare landscape. We are thrilled to be entering this partnership with BrainScope to provide our members with a rapid, easy-to-use device to assess mild traumatic brain injuries. We believe the BrainScope platform will not only give our members a highly-effective decision support tool but will also increase patient safety and satisfaction while improving efficiency and effectiveness in dealing with head injuries.”

About BrainScope

BrainScope is a medical neurotechnology company that is improving brain health by providing objective, diagnostic insights that enable better patient care. BrainScope is leading the way in the rapid and objective assessment of brain-related conditions, starting with mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), utilizing multiple integrated assessment capabilities, artificial intelligence (AI), and digitization. The company’s technology supports the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Choosing Wisely® campaign to avoid CT scans of the head in emergency department patients with minor head injury. BrainScope’s innovative neurotechnology platform uses EEG-based, AI-derived algorithms empowering physicians to quickly make accurate head injury assessments, addressing the full spectrum of traumatic brain injuries from structural (brain bleed) to functional (concussion) injuries, providing for the first time a full picture of the injury, and doing so in less time and without radiation. For more information, please visit

About Yankee Alliance

Yankee Alliance is a member-driven healthcare group purchasing organization founded in 1984 on a belief in collaboration, that working together can achieve more than working alone. Our mission is twofold: to work with members to reduce supply and operating expenses through aggregation of data, purchasing, ideas and knowledge and to excel in strategic innovations that continually assist members in reducing their cost while recognizing their individual needs. Today, Yankee Alliance remains true to the foundational belief in collaboration and has grown to over 18,000 members in all classes of trades across all 50 states. For more information visit

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