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Performance you can trust, with 98% NPV and 99% sensitivity to ≥ 1 mL of blood.

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Clinical experience demonstrates...

  • 40% reduction in low-value head CTs

  • 50% reduction in patient LOS
  • 50% improvement in flagging patients for follow up care

  • 100% reported patient satisfaction

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The integration of BrainScope as a decision support tool in the ED demonstrated the potential to improve length of stay by as much as 50%
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The science behind BrainScope

Who is BrainScope for?

Who is BrainScope for most updated

BrainScope is not intended as a stand-alone diagnostic or to be used as a substitute for a head CT scan. Click here for complete indications for use.

Who is BrainScope for?

BrainScope's technology uses three different algorithms to assess patients for the likelihood of brain bleed and concussion. 

Structural Injury
Classifier (SIC)

The Structural Injury Classifier (SIC) indicates the likelihood of being negative for brain bleed on a CT scan and identifies the need for further evaluation.

  • Ages 18 – 65 years, GCS 15
  • Within 72 hours of injury

Brain Fuction
Index (BFI)

BrainScope’s Brain Function Index (BFI) is expressed as a percentile of a normal population and assess the probability of brain function impairment, such as concussion.

  • Ages 18 – 65 years, GCS 15
  • Within 72 hours of injury

Index (CI)

The Concussion Index (CI) aids in identifying the likelihood of concussion.. The CI assessment can aid in clinical decision making at the time of injury

  • Ages 13-25 years, GCS 15
  • Within 72 hours of injury
Click here for a complete list of indications.
BrainScope is not intended as a stand-alone diagnostic or to be used as a substitute for a head CT scan. 

Head injury triage in three easy steps

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Prepare the patient's skin and apply the peel and stick electrodes with on-device guidance.

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Run the assessment with a self guided process and receive real-time feedback on brain electrical activity recording.

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Get immediate, objective results on the device and as PDF for upload to EMR.

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BrainScope's impact on a 40,000 visit/year ED
with 1,000 mild head injured patients

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270 low value head CTs avoided with 0 missed bleeds

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538 mSv radiation saved, equivalent to ~5,380 CXRs

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675 hours saved, creating capacity for 260 new patients

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230 additional patients in compliance with quality metrics

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450 patients flagged for follow up concussion care

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$622 estimated per patient cost savings

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