Mild head injury?

BrainScope is the first and only FDA cleared decision support tool for objective and rapid assessment of head injured patients for both intracranial bleeds and concussions
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BrainScope Device 500 Series with Concussion Index, MACE2 and 1 year warranty
Part # BSO-2001
NSN# 6515-01-655-4480   image-png-Feb-09-2021-03-09-15-53-AM
BrainScope Disposable Electrode Headset – Box of 25
Part # AH-3125
NSN # 6515-01-665-4357


Head injury assessments on the BrainScope device

• BrainScope algorithms
— Structural Injury Classifier
— Concussion Index
— Brain Function Index
• Digitized MACE2 (VOMs, SAC, mBESS)
• Digitized SCAT5
Structural injury assessment

Aids in ruling out the likelihood of a brain bleed in ~15 minutes.

BrainScope's Structural Injury Classifier (SIC) algorithm assesses the likelihood of a brain bleed to even the smallest detectable amount of blood (≥1mL) with 99% sensitivity and a 98% negative predictive value (NPV) and a 60% reduction in unnecessary head CTs has been reported.

Concussion assessment

BrainScope aids in the evaluation and management of concussion, enabling earlier treatment which is associated with reduced time to recovery.

BrainScope's Concussion Index (CI) algorithm incorporates rapidly acquired EEG data, cognitive performance testing, and specific clinical signs/symptoms into a multimodal algorithm to assess concussion, with the largest contribution from EEG features, especially those reflecting changes in "connectivity" between brain regions. The CI aids in objective clinical diagnosis and reflects concussion severity. 

The BrainScope Brain Function Index (BFI) algorithm includes only EEG features, especially those reflecting the physiological changes seen in concussion in the acute injury stage. The BFI scales with clinical severity.  

To supplement the brain electrical activity based algorithms and cognitive performance assessments, BrainScope has digitized several standard clinical assessments commonly used by clinicians to evaluate head-injured patients, including MACE 2. These assessments can be performed directly on the BrainScope device and uploaded to the patient's electronic health record. 


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Highly validated, field tested

Developed in part with funding from the Department of Defense with over 12 years of evidence-based research and development, eight separate DoD research contracts, and two GE NFL Head Health Challenge awards

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  • Accurate point of care assessment capabilities for making better, more confident decisions
  • Can be operated by any trained clinical or non-clinical staff
  • Light-weight and ruggedized (MIL-STD-810G and IP65)

Strong benefits across all key military stakeholder groups



Service members and their families

Service members

  • Improve short and long-term outcomes (including psychological health) with early detection and intervention

  • Appropriate removal from duty / activity when injured

  • Reduce wait times for diagnosis

  • Improve safety by reducing unnecessary radiation exposure from CTs



  • Objective standard to help identify and stratify patients

  • May be administered by Combat Medics / Corpsmen

  • Fast triage to help rule out life-threatening structural injury

  • Assess for concussion with same inputs

  • Enable timely referrals, treatment plans, and continuity of care

  • Reduce clinical assessment time and increase throughput

  • Incorporate assessment tools currently used by the military 

Intended patient population
Structural Injury Classifier & Brain Function Index
•  Ages 18 – 85 years, GCS 13 – 15
•  Within 72 hours of injury
Concussion Index
•  Ages 13 – 25 years, GCS 15
•  Within 72 hours of injury

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