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Objectively assess for concussion at point of care in minutes

Funded in part by Department of Defense research contracts and GE NFL Head Health Challenge grants, BrainScope is available here and now. Check out the NFL Play Smart, Play Safe videoimage-png-Feb-09-2021-03-09-15-53-AM



Brain Function Index (BFI)

A brain electrical activity based algorithm for the assessment of brain function impairment, obtained from the same EEG recording used to compute the Structural Injury Classifier—can aid in early clinical diagnosis of concussion and referrals


Concussion Index (CI)


An objective multimodal AI derived algorithm with brain electrical activity at its core—aids in clinical diagnosis of concussion


Digitized Neurocognitive Assessments

Includes assessments commonly used by clinicians to assess head injured patients, including PECARN Decision Rule for pediatrics


Early evaluation and intervention can lead to shorter recovery timeimage-png-Feb-09-2021-03-09-15-53-AM


    • Currently used assessments are subjective, have poor reliability & can be gamed.

    • Most emergency departments don’t use these tools as they are inaccurate & time consuming.

    • Mild head injured patients often leave the emergency department with no educational information.
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Brain Function Index (BFI) identifies profile of brain function impairment

  • Goes beyond the standardly used concussion assessment tools which are subjective in nature and cannot be easily performed at point of care

  • Scales with severity

  • Can be used in the emergency department to inform referrals for CT negative patients

Concussion Index (CI) provides objective assessment

  • Reflects severity at time of injury

  • Printed results support continuum of care

CI Screen
Intended patient population
Structural Injury Classifier & Brain Function Index
•  Ages 18 – 85 years, GCS 13 – 15
•  Within 72 hours of injury
Concussion Index
•  Ages 13 – 25 years, GCS 15
•  Within 72 hours of injury

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