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Concussion assessment potentially aided by use of an objective multimodal concussion index
This study suggests the Concussion Index (CI) was shown to have high accuracy as a marker of the likelihood of concussion. The stability of CI in controls supports the reliable interpretation of CI change in concussed subjects. 

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Validation of a Machine Learning Brain Electrical Activity–Based Index to Aid in Diagnosing Concussion Among Athletes
This study suggests that, as an objective, and reliable indicator of the presence of concussive brain injury and readiness for return to activity, the Concussion Index has the potential to aid in clinical diagnosis and reduce long term concussion-related disability.

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BrainScope Launches Next-Gen Medical Device: First and only FDA-cleared system for true point-of-care assessment of both concussion and brain bleeds now includes Concussion Index

BrainScope today announced the availability of its third groundbreaking FDA-cleared algorithm on the BrainScope device. The Concussion Index is the first physiological marker of concussive injury that aids clinicians in the objective assessment of patients at baseline, point of injury, and through recovery.

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JAMA Highlights Success of BrainScope's EEG-based Concussion Index As Reliable Indicator of Concussion

JAMA Network Open has published "Validation of a Machine Learning Brain Electrical Activity-Based Index to Aid in Diagnosing Concussion Among Athletes," a ground-breaking study on the accuracy of the BrainScope FDA-cleared biomarker, the Concussion Index, to indicate the likelihood and severity of concussive brain injury and to aid in evaluating an athlete's readiness to return to play.

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Intended patient population
Structural Injury Classifier & Brain Function Index
•  Ages 18 – 85 years, GCS 13 – 15
•  Within 72 hours of injury
Concussion Index
•  Ages 13 – 25 years, GCS 15
•  Within 72 hours of injury

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