Our Story

BrainScope is a medical neurotechnology company that is improving brain health by providing objective, insights that enable better patient care. BrainScope’s AI-powered neurotech platform for assessment of mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI) supports ACEP’s Choosing Wisely® campaign to “avoid computed tomography (CT) scans of the head in emergency department patients with minor head injury who are at low risk based on validated decision rules.”

Our advanced AI and machine learning technology identifies objective markers of structural and functional mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI) in just 10-15 minutes. Using EEG signals to power its algorithms, BrainScope enables EDs to triage mTBI at the point of care without radiation and with a 30.8% demonstrated potential reduction in unnecessary head CTs. The device is the only FDA-approved, comprehensive, rapid, and radiation-free assessment of brain bleed and concussion.

Results from clinical studies utilizing BrainScope’s technology have been independently published in over 25 peer-reviewed neurotrauma and emergency medicine journals.

BrainScope has been awarded more than $32 million of U.S. Department of Defense research contracts for the development of its TBI and concussion assessment technology and has received two awards from GE and the NFL through its Head Health Challenge I.  The company has received significant funding from private investors including Revolution (created by AOL co-founder Steve Case), State of Maryland Venture Fund, ZG Ventures, Brain Trust Accelerator Fund, Difference Capital and DBL Partners.

BrainScope holds over 100 issued and pending global patents.

BrainScope is currently utilized in EDs, urgent cares and within the US military.