Patients with mild head injuries leaving the ED frustrated?

Improve the value of care and change the patient experience with BrainScope

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  • 40% reduction in low value head CTs
  • 50% reduction in patient length of stay
  • 50% improvement in flagging patients for follow up care
  • 100% reported patient satisfaction

Impact on a 40,000 visit/year Emergency Department
with 1,000 mild head injured patients

270 low clinical value head CTs avoided with zero missed bleeds
538 mSv radiation saved, equivalent to ~5,380 CXRs
675 hours saved, creating capacity for 260 new patients
230 additional patients in compliance with quality metrics
450 patients flagged for follow up concussion care
$622 estimated per
patient cost savings

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To learn more read the whitepaper "Fulfilling the Promise of Emergency Medicine." 

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